Business and Product Consulting

Analyzing current challenges, identifying opportunities and developing customized solutions is our specialty.

Wheel Hub has experts in digital transformation in Barcelona available
to evaluate, define and study the processes and products of each company.

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Exhaustive diagnosis of the company’s current operation, using the information you provide us. Our analysis will allow us to identify areas of improvement in your business process and in your daily operations in order to optimize them to the maximum.

Experts in digital consulting

We advise companies on how to use technology to improve their business processes, increase their productivity, improve their online presence, and reach new customers. We offer you:

  • Consulting for product launches from scratch
  • Improvement of existing products
  • Maintenance of digital tools
  • Agile team management

We identify areas for improvement

Any company, from small businesses to multinational corporations, regardless of size or sector, can benefit from business or product consulting.

Digital Consulting

Specialized advice in the field of technology and digital marketing. We help companies identify growth opportunities and develop effective strategies for their implementation.

Legal Consulting

Data protection on your website is essential to protect the privacy and personal information of your users. Protects users’ privacy and avoids fines and penalties for non-compliance with data protection laws.

Technical Consulting

We develop effective and customized technological strategies that will help optimize the technological infrastructure and increase the efficiency of the company in an effective way.




Digitalization of CatSalut’s healthcare processes

Customized software to digitize and provide traceability to facilitate medical supply.

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Structure, market research and development

Development of cloud-based software that enables companies to digitize, automate and manage all last mile logistics processes.


1. We empathize with your environment

We do exhaustive research to understand your needs and observe the market, industry and competitors.

2. We analyze and define

We analyze the data to identify the problem and propose the best solution. We filter the threats and opportunities and define the characteristics.

3. We devise the best solution

Through creative and innovative techniques, we provide variables to solve the problem. We created the action plan with the Agile methodology.

4. Prototyping to simulate

We capture the user experience through prototypes to simulate the product and be able to review and identify possible errors.

5. We optimize with test and QA

We tested the prototype with established stakeholders, applying deep and detailed active listening. We outline the proposal and optimize the final solution.

6. Final development

We apply the changes and improvements detected in the previous stages, to make the final design and give life to your product.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the business consulting service work?

The business consulting service begins with a detailed assessment of the company’s business challenges and the objectives to be achieved. Our consultants work in collaboration with your team to develop customized solutions and create an action plan. The objective of the consultancy is to guide your company through the entire implementation and follow-up process.

How long does a business consulting project take?

The duration of a business consulting project varies depending on the company’s objectives and the complexity of the project. Some projects may last a few months, while others may last several years.

Is digital business consulting suitable for small companies and startups?

Digital consulting is suitable for small businesses and startups looking to improve their online presence, increase their reach and improve their operational efficiency. Digital business consultants can provide you with advice and guidance in key areas to help your company compete successfully in the digital marketplace.